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dma - 12:45 11 December 2019 #

Pretty eager to see this one. ;)

fiveofive - 21:07 12 December 2019 #

Saw it on the compo stream, just wow! Possibly the best ST 4kb.

s_t_s - 21:32 12 December 2019 #

At some point I wondered whether this was submitted by Defjam/CP but nope. Glad to see that SEDMA is far from dead though as they used to be such a promising ST democrew!

Tomchi - 18:02 27 December 2019 #

Wow !

sedma - 17:35 1 January 2020 #

secret bonus from author: after thanx wall is hit, try to use arrow keys :-)

s_t_s - 07:39 3 January 2020 #

@Sedma : on the SV2K19 stream where I first saw that cool prod the whole screen seemed blueish, have you changed colours with the final release ?

sedma - 09:00 3 January 2020 #

@s_t_s : No, this is the same version. I did release two versions, where difference should be just in the size of executable. First version was slightly over 4kB. The colours are not very nice, but most of this production was done on the party place and had no time to come back to optimize visual. Bluish colour may come from the beamer as well...