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by The Solaris Agency

Info file


Know something about this production that we don't?


  • AMI - Other (voice work)
  • Epyx - Code, Graphics
  • Skyrunner - Music (+sound effects)

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ltk_tscc - 18:36 15 August 2020 #

Awesome game with all the other game references :)

MDW - 17:04 18 August 2020 #

I have no Windows machine so I can’t run the game. However I watched video on the stream. I like this retro-design, many references to classic games. The music and sfx are very very good. Congratulation, the game is great!

ltk_tscc - 14:21 21 August 2020 #

I wonder if there is a write-up where they explain all the game references in there?