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by Public Image Limited and Union

Know something about this production that we don't?

Snoopy/Scope appeared as a guest artist.



X-Ceed Dec 1994
X-Ceed Mar 1995

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blaz - 22:40 23 March 2019 #

executable links are not exactly the same demo version of the video : video is the bonus version of april 95.
so share the good link or both

menace - 05:24 25 March 2019 #

If you by that mean that you are sitting on a link to an alternate version, then by all means add it.

blaz - 08:43 25 March 2019 #

If I had it, I would have already shared it, not like those who made the videos (tombat and another one 10 years ago...(as always!!)
see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMwdsFMQFaQ
on the moment I thought of a hidden part. I depacked the exe, not found anything yet.
what the point to post a video without share something about this production that we don't know ? I never do that

blaz - 21:04 25 March 2019 #

"if [..] you are sitting on a link to an alternate version, then add it"

well, so ask to the person who post the link of this video.
it's from his "private collection"
I quote him : "Hm, interesting, I didn't even know there were two versions. Unfortunately, I don't know where you can find the bonus one online, I had it from my private collection "

it's a gordian knot

blaz - 08:34 26 March 2019 #

Edit : a big thanks to Tomasz Bątor for posting the bonus version from his private collection to amigascne.org 's FTP incoming/zoombi