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EFA Disk-Mag #4 (Oct 2020)

by the Elk


Know something about this production that we don't?

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AtariCrypt - 16:57 1 October 2020 #

Coming along nicely. Shame disk boots into Low res ;p
Btw, i liked the picture of the spaceman.

s_t_s - 12:39 2 October 2020 #

Thumb up for keeping an ATARI diskmag alive in 2020! I kinda like the odd (midres?) pictures as well, rough but straight to the point style! No credit on this prod though, who made it?

s_t_s - 12:41 2 October 2020 #

Oh, maybe I got things wrong as it seems that The Elk is actually an individual and not a demo crew. :p

forgotten_grove - 07:44 6 October 2020 #

@AtariCrypt - Heh yeah that disk boot thing! I will get it right for the nest ishoooo - honest guv ;) That spaceman was inspired by a picture that I did on the PC for the space rock band Paramo Bonzai; I really enjoyed drawning that one so I fancied having a go at an Atari version! Glad you like it dude B)

@s_t_s - yep just me on my todd i'm afraid, but i am hoping others will write or draw summink for future ishuuuz! The public domain no credit thing is a massive part of what i do and i'm always up for people reusing my pix or music from my site (electronsfromacorns.com) without crediting me so i don't tag the pix that i draw for this mag.. of course people are very welcome to draw their own mid-res pix for the mag and of course i would credit them if they did ;)

btw most of the pix in these mags don't appear elsewhere - they're not on EFA (although some of the menu screens are adapted older pix from that site)

forgotten_grove - 06:45 8 October 2020 #

@ataricrypt - btw, just to clarify it does boot fine into medium from a physical floppy disk; just not from HD or emulator ;)