• Demo

Rule 30

by Andromeda

Know something about this production that we don't?


Packed in:

The Electronic Knights Jul 2021


Interphace Jul 2021

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TuckerSODADEZIGNLtd - 09:00 4 July 2021 #

Nice to see an Andromeda prod again. It's been a while. Hope to see more in the near future.

evil - 19:42 4 July 2021 #

Clean design, no unnecessary fluff :) And the style of the images is awesome.

hydeIOInt - 15:39 9 July 2021 #

Thanks for all the positive feedback, it makes it all worth while :)

I just uploaded a final version of the demo and updated the link above. I used Titanics cruncher in the first version because I love the default decrunching text and because I never had the chance to use it in the 90s. But it makes startup awfully long, even on an amiga with a hd, so I decided to drop it.

The new version also includes fixes to some timing issues on fast amigas. The demo should look the same on OCS.

s_t_s - 11:27 11 July 2021 #

Yeah really great looking and sounding production! Lovely in every aspect. Congrats!