• 32b Intro

Colorful Boxes

by Gunstick / Unlimited Matricks

Know something about this production that we don't?


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s_t_s - 20:18 13 February 2022 #

Is it displayed in overscan? Looking great anyway!

Dbug - 16:40 14 February 2022 #

When all you do is to change colors, the overscan does not really matter, it's like when doing rasters, the color change appears immediately wherever you are in the line, in the visible area or in the border :)

The difficult here is mostly to fit in the number of bytes :D

thomas3 - 19:36 14 February 2022 #

What Dbug said.

The coherent colour palette is VERY clever for 32 bytes. Sourcecode or it didn't happen!! ;)

42Bastian - 15:10 15 February 2022 #

Source code of a 32byte intro -> bugaboo will do ;-)

Gunstick - 21:26 15 February 2022 #

Github link added. Enjoy! But no history in the github, I did not use git to develop. So you can't drill down to where I came from.

thomas3 - 12:30 17 February 2022 #

@Gunstick - hats off man. That is a super neato trick in the first instruction - way outside the box :)

Gunstick - 12:51 1 October 2022 #

@thomas3 remember the parallax distorter? When I first realized that the trick would actually work, there was this special amazing excitement feeling. Well implementing this first instruction has had a similar excitement effect.