Dma-Sc Feb 2023

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s_t_s - 19:49 5 February 2023 #

I am really happy with the result even though YES it was started back in 2020! Better late than never and top notch quality imo.

dma - 22:23 5 February 2023 #

As stated in the intro, but to be sure everyone gets that, the music in the final part is a cover of "A Prehistoric Tale" hiscore track by Mad Max (which is itself a cover of a section of "Adagio in G minor" by Tomaso Albinoni & Remo Giazotto).

TheCollector - 08:52 7 February 2023 #


I like the smooth and relaxing mood of your cover. Great work! A fitting tune for an endpart.

dma - 19:32 7 February 2023 #

@TheCollector Glad that you enjoy that arrangement, thanks for the nice words.