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janesondergrond - 12:10 23 April 2023 #

thanks for the AWE ... as we (old men with new cars and no drivers license) were thinking about "something to do before demented) Zig came up as "fresh" (i mean they call 1995 livescript newskool and full hd, from the late 2000s is the norm for revision) while mid-res 4k is 2010 already

The question was, since we dont even know C, is it worth it, "can it do ...."

and look here : "it can do at least THIS"

the executable is 3megabyte , no soft synth (no complaints hehhe) with 5+ mb mp3 (i assume writing a soft synth from scrap in zig even for the el33t is a bit much on short notice)

which makes zig the future, this in 3mb ??

sold !

(now another 40 years and we'll take on fairlight ...)