Cesars Palace 2000 Gold Edition (English) PAL/NTSC Selector

by Paradox



Estrayk / Paradox Jun 2000

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ps1ch - 09:33 6 August 2023 #

I added the "typo" tag because it should be "Caesars" instead of "Cesars".

ps1ch - 06:28 24 February 2024 #

When you open "pdx-cppn.exe" in a HEX editor and search for "kalisto", you will find the text:

Hello Kalisto & NBC - again snooping in our code? hehe yah we know... using our tools roxx, dont you think ? :-) remember: INNOVATE! not IMITATE! - Signed: Your beloved Paradox crew!

Kalisto: https://demozoo.org/groups/15139/
NBC refers to Natural Born Chillers: https://demozoo.org/groups/137157/