CS-Link Depacker v1

by Extacy

From info inside the tool; "This program loads a file packed (linked) by CROSSLINKER (v2.0 or v1.3) then starts to depack it and save at the same time (it means that the file is not being depacked into memory, but just saved on disk). The names given to the depacked files are their load-addresses. After depacking you are given the start JMP-address and the value of $01."

From Mini-Tool Collection; "i coded this tool quite a while ago, when i was in extacy. there were no improvements made, but anyway i decided to put this little prog into this collection. this prog is made for crackers or for "let's-repack-this-and-see-if-it-can-be-shorter" maniacs. you probably know, that when you link with crosslinker eg. 3 parts of program:

1st - $0a00-$1500
2nd - $2000-$2400
3rd - $4000-$ca00
then while depacking you will not get those inter-areas cleared. in this example those areas will be:


so when you depack the file and you wanna pack it with any bvetter packer, your result will be worse, because of the fact, that those areas contain rubbish! cs-link depacker precvents you from saving any rubbish by depacking the program and saving only those linked areas on the disk. i hope you understood the whole thing. if not, then try the program yourself..."

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