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Utility Disk

by Dolphins


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Features Disk Repair V2.3 (1988) by The Disk Mechanic / Lake Forest Logic Incorporated, Disk Doctor V1.3.4, ACK ZeroFormat V2.0 (29-Jun-88), FastDisk V1.5 (1987) by Torsten Stolpmann, Un-Kill vers 1.1 (1986) by Techni Soft, Recover-All vers 1.1 (1986) by Techni Soft, Disk Master version 1.3 by Greg Cunningham, VirusKiller V3.10 (3-may-1989) by Peter van Leuven (PvL), The Virus Expert v1.4 (April 1989) by Paul van der Valk, VirusX 3.20.

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