by Steffest

Info file

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asle - 20:22 7 January 2024 #

side note : If "Bassoontraker" is the tool behind the uneven sized MOD creation, then it needs fixing ..

Steffest - 04:13 8 January 2024 #

Ah! it is.
You mean samples should be word aligned in the MOD spec? never realized that.
I'll look into it. Thanks for pointing out.

asle - 11:28 9 January 2024 #

well, no I mean, MOD files (all of them) have a 1084 header, a 1024*x pattern size and sample data. The size of each sample is stored /2 in the header. It is thus impossible for the whole size to be uneven.
Sorry if it's off-topic about your nice prod :)

Steffest - 23:56 9 January 2024 #

No no, it's entirely on topic.
I'm super intrigued by small bugs like this ...
Squashing them is so satisfying, no?
I promise you, I'll get to the bottom of this, because indeed: the ordo_low.mod file is 62.341 bytes! :-)