Golden Axe ++++++ Docs

by Nostalgia

Advert for Mellinium 2000

Nostalgia release 127. 2 files, 478 blocks, 6 trainers. Documentation is a separate 25 block file.

While no mention of release date is present in the release itself, 6R6 posted on the Lemon forums on august 23rd 2003, and Mr. Alpha posted on on august 25th that a batch of new releases were released, and both listed Wizards lair +10hd (release 124), Karate Champ (release 125), Hudson Hawk +3hd (release 126), Golden Axe +6d (all levels, release 127), Anter Planter +2d (release 128) and Snare +7hd (release 129).


  • 6R6 - Code (crack, trainer)
  • Anx - Other (documentation supply)

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