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Lame-Brain Demo Part 2

by Chronicle

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YO THERE ! MOVE YOUR EYES HERE, YOU CAN READ THE OTHER SCROLLER LATER.... OKEY, FIRST I'D LIKE TO SAY THAT DON'T BE MAD IF THERE ARE SOME SPELLING ERRORS IN THIS SCROLL, AS I AM IN A VERY CONFUSED STATE OF MIND, I HAVE FEVER, COLD, AND I AM A LITTLE DRUNK... THIS DEMO IS PUT TOGETHER BY CRAWDADDY OF CHRONICLE, AS YOU MAY READ LATER FROM THE OTHER SCROLLER, AND IT'S DONE TO ADVERTISE A NEW BBS FOR ATARI ST, L A M E - B R A I N B B S.. IT'S OPEN 22-07 FINNISH TIME, AND ITS PHONE NUMBER IS... 358-0-495782 GROUPS LIKE UNC, CHRONICLE, REBELSQUAD AND FLASH CAN BE REACHED THROUGH THIS BBS. THEY ARE ALL FINNISH CREWS OF COZ, BUT REMEMBER THAT REBELSQUAD IS A GFA GROUP, SO MAYBE IT IS NOT VERY WISE TO CONTACT THEM. WHOOPS, I FORGOT TO SAY WHO IS ON THE KEYBOARD... WELL IT IS OF COURSE SYSOP OF THE LAME-BRAIN BBS HIMSELF. OKEY, WELL THE BBS HAS SOME VERY NICE MESSAGES, A ROLEPLAYING GAME, AND OF COURSE LOTSA NICE FILES TO DOWNLOAD... MANY .MOD-MUSIC FILES, INTROS, UTILITIES, TXT FILEZ, ALMOST ALL PSG-TRACKER MUZEX AND LOTSA OTHER NICE FEATURES, AS SWAP SECTION, BUY AND SELL SECTION. THE BBS IS 2400 BPS MAX, SINCE I HAVE A SUCH A LAME SLOW MODEM... FIRST I WAS SUPPOSED TO START RUNNING MADHOUSE BBS, WHEN ITS OLD SYSOP QWERTY OF UNC HAD TO SELL HIS HARDDISK. I HAD HALF OF THE MADHOUSE FILEZ ON MY HARDDISK WHICH I JUST HAD BOUGHT FROM LONDON , BUT THEN QWERTY SAID THAT MADHOUSE HAS ALWAYS BEEN HIS BBS AND IT WAS GOING TO STAY THAT WAY. SO, BITTER AS A ONE HANDED MAN HANGING FROM A CLIFF WITH AN ITCHY ARSE, I STARTED TO MAKE PLANS FOR MY OWN BBS. I TRIED LOTSA BBS SOFTWARES, BUT THEY WERE ALL SO BULLSHIT, THAT I DESIDED TO USE MICHTRON, IT WAS MULTI-TASKING ANYWAY. AND SINCE I DID NOT HAVE ANY MANUALS FOR IT... IT WAS A REAL BITCH PUTTING THAT BBS TOGETHER AS I WANTED IT, BUT WHEN I GOT THROUGH IT, I WAS SATISFIED. SO PLEEZ, CALL LAME-BRAIN BBS... 358-0-495782,OPEN 22-07 AND WEEKENDS 22-09 AT 2400 BPS. RIGHT... WHAT ? YOU DIDN'T GET THE NUMBER,EH? WELL IT IS... GET PENS AND PAPERS READY ! 358-0-495782 O.K. ! SO WHAT IS THERE MORE TO SAY ? JUST GIVE A CALL AND MAKE MY DAY ! NOW YOU CAN MOVE YOUR EYES TO THE OTHER SCROLLER AS THIS IS GOING TO END VERY SOON... AND ONE OTHER THING, PLEASE SPREAD DIS DEMO TO ALL YOUR FRIENS AND CONTACTS ! OKEY? AND FINALLY A FEW PRIVATE MESSAGES TO MY FRIENDS... TUOMO, THAT'S THE WAY TO GO ! DRINK BOOZE AND FUCK LADIES AS MUCH AS YOU CAN ! BUT PAY SOME ATTENTION TO YOUR BBS TOO O.K ? ... AX OF REBELSQUAD, GIMME A PAIR OF RAY-BANS AND I WON'T GIVE YOU FUCKINGS AS EVERYBODY ELSE DO IN THEIR DEMOS OR SCROLLERS. OH, YOU GAVE THEM ALL TO QWERTY AND DR. HYPE FOR NOT BEATING YOU ? WELL... ... QWERTY OF UNC, CAN YOU SEE THE TV AS FAR AS HERE ? HHHHAHAHAH....I OWE YOU A TENNER ! ... CRAWDADDY OF CHRONICLE, THANKS FOR CODING DIS DEMO ! ... HANNU MALLAT, NICE DEMOZ MAN ! KEEP ON CODING ! THAT'S IT ! AND NOW SOME MORE FUCKINGS TO AX OF REBELSQUAD... YOU DAMN PHOTOGRAPHER ! HOPE YOU SWALLOW YOUR CAMERA ! HEHEHEHEHEEE.... OKEY, NOW I GOTTA GO AND WATCH SOME TELEVISION, SO SEE YA ! WWWAAAARRRPPPPP EHH... WRAPPP, I SAID ! GLGLGL O.K, WRAP ! Yo homeboyz ! Chronicle proudly presents: Lame-Brain Demo part 2 ! Ok, maybe I, Crawdaddy, will write 'A LITTLE BIT', before Guyer's part of this scrolltext starts. Well, what should I say... I'd say: CHRONICLE RULES !!! Yes!! This is a 100 per cent Chronicle product... GFX, MUZEX, MUZAK ROUTINES and CODING... 100 per cent by Chronicle !!! Ok, let me tell you a few technical things about this demo... The distorter, the scroller and its mirror, are all four bitplanes (well the Lame-Brain logo and those fonts are only three bitplanes, but the routines uses all four bitplanes). The musics in this demo are made with my own sound chip/digi-drum tracker called PSG-TRACKER (you all should buy it, I think... to get ordering instructions, get PTPLAY.LZH, PSGDEMO2.PRG or call to Lame-Brain and send me a message). These musics use 6 kHz digi-drum replay frequence, and it takes only about eight per cents of processor time (not so bad). Okey, now I maybe should send some personal greetz... Universal Coders/Armada (How are you doing with Who Cares ? Your Disk Times was really good... Draw more those nice looking Armada logos Dr. Hype... Keep on ripping Qwerty... Wiztom, thanks for your good programming tips, keep on GREAT coding!) Guys, if you like to have some PSG-TRACKER muzex in Who Cares, I could make some... Just gimme a call :-), The Gods/Royal Instant Pudding (Your intros were nice, but they didn't work on my ST... Hope that some of the other members of R.I.P. would also buy PSG-TRACKER...), Aggression/Armada (I don't know you very well, but I like your demos...), Scum Of The Earth (Illegal Exception - I don't know you at all, but I think that I still should send greetings also to you... I'd like to hear some of your S.O.T.E.-tracker tunes...), Viking X (Hi, remember me in FAUM ?), Hey ! I'm outta ideas who to greet !?... Maybe I should now give a chance to Guyer to tell some of his stories: PS. Press space to change the muzex (there are three different tunes)... ZAP !!! This is Guyer on the keys I think it's time for the credits... Coding by: CRAWDADDY OF CHRONICLE - Muzex by: CRAWDADDY OF CHRONICLE - Graphics by: GUYER OF CHRONICLE... Okay, so Crawdaddy wanted me to tell you something about this BBS...okay, well Lame-Brain BBS is the official BBS for all PSG-TRACKER things. There you can find one area reserved for PSG-TRACKER muzex and utilities (but you can't find the main composer programs there because they're NPD)... For more information and shit about the PSG-TRACKER, call Lame-Brain BBS !! Fuck, can't think of anything interesting so I guess it's time for egotripping... Mega greetz fly to the following people (in no special order): Royal Instant Pudding (Max - Great modules dude ! Creator - Keep on learning ASM ! Titanic Tarzan - Great menus and compils ! Xytar - Great graphics ! Phygorax - Great fonts !), Underground Team Of Scandinavia (Sting - Good coding, keep it up mate ! Axl - Great graphics, keep on sending those great stuffs !), Flash (Exterminator - Still playing with your Lynx ?), Universal Coders/Armada (Qwerty - You're fucking ripping crazy ! Dr. Hype - No hard feelings ? Hahahaa... Wiztom - Great coding !), Aggression/Armada (Xenit - Nice talking to ya !), Armalyte Incorporated (Traxx - Where the hell are you ? Haven't heard anything from you for a while ! Contact me A.S.A.P. !), Scum Of The Earth (Illegal Exception - Thanks for the great stuff !), Infinity (Drake - Great modules ! Send me some through Max !), The Crack Connexion (The Problem Child - Thanks for the stuff ! Sorry for the massive delay !), Omnichron/The Syndicate (Zaphod Beeblebrox - Nice BBS !), The Reanimators/The Syndicate (Raton - Where the hell are you ? Contact me A.S.A.P. !), Lynx (Headhunter - Nice BBS !), The Napalm Soldiers (Elf - Remember me ?), The Quickbeam (Don't know what is the name of your crew...sorry !), Viking X (Long time no see...haven't called X-Factor for a while, I'll do that soon !), Edgar Zammit (Sorry for the delay !), Timo Viitanen (Hui hai ja hulivilivippan, senkin pahviloota !), Morten Nielsen (Are you still alive ? Contact me soon !), Lars M|ller (The next thing you'll feel is a bullet from a 9mm if my disks don't appear in to my mailbox very soon ! Soon you'll be at the anti-greetz...), Leif E. Claus (Sorry for not sending anything for a while, I'll do that soon !), Rolf Sunde (Still haven't checked your filelist though it's been on my disk a while !), Joop Koopman (Hi there ! Haven't called much to Haarlem but I'll call soon !), Henrik Nielsen (You were my best contact ! Sorry you moved over to PC !), Lasse Lehtiheimo (You were also one of my best contacts !) and last but not least... Merlin (Hoblaa, vie{lk| vaihdat softaa ?) Okay, that was all the mega greetz... Fucking greetz fly to: RebelSquad (Also known as LamerSquad... You guys are so fucking lame, it makes me sick ! Most fuckings must go to the lamest person on Earth... AX ! Fuck you, you asslicking lame shit !), All virus programmers (because of viruses, several important disks have been destroyed ! So fuck you !), All lamers on the face of the Earth (May you burn in the flames of the everlasting Hell !)... That's all for the fuckings ! If you want to contact CHRONICLE then write to the following address: (Okay, I'll wait until you've grabbed a pen and some paper...) Ok, here it comes... GUYER OF CHRONICLE KULOTIE 1 A 13 01450 VANTAA FINLAND... Got it ? No ? Okay, I'll say it again ! GUYER OF CHRONICLE KULOTIE 1 A 13 01450 VANTAA FINLAND... Okay, no shit talk this time so I guess it's wrap time... Let's kick the bucket !

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