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Know something about this production that we don't?

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Asle - 01:54 11 November 2014 #

from Vibes musicdisk nfo:
I don't think we've released two productions with the same member-list :)
As you see, we are always changing members due to a lot of coincidences...
You might have heard that most of the finnish section + Vector Voyager left
EXTREME to make games. This is not really a problem, but there's one thing
that is sad... EXTERMINATE will NEVER be released. (If you wonder what that
was, I can tell you that it was the demo we competed with at ASM 93.
AND it was NOT called Extermination, as people thinks. (doesn't matter though.))
Why isn't it released then? Well, it was the finnish section
that made 99.6% of it, and since they left, they wouldn't release
the demo in EXTREME's name, would they?
We are very sorry for this, but we can't do anything about it.

phoenix - 14:06 25 March 2020 #

And from Mentality/Mental Design nfo:

Isn't this the demo by Extreme that participated in Assembly'93 and got
fifth place?

- Yes and No. Shortly after Assembly 6 members decided to quit Extreme and form
a new group. The group was called Mental Design. As Exterminate was mainly coded
by MD members we took our parts from it, did some redesigning and added
a few new parts. As a matter of fact there's not much left of the old demo.
The gfx and music are all redone. Old code has been optimized, new code has
been added etc.