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Service Compil 22

by Energetic and STAX


Know something about this production that we don't?


Mod's Disk 11 - Only the intro is featured here, not the whole release.

Original scrolltext:

Energetic and stax in cooperation hit st scene with intro of style and charm!!! mega cool coding by wild orchid of energetic (circle dot scroller) and matt of stax (starfield, border routs and loader (not onto use now)) --- with graphics from blaze of effect (energetic logo) and sodan of stax (stax logo) --- great tune done by tyan of stax!!! this is energetic menu twenty two brought to you by epact! this menu is sequel for those wonderful golden dawn game pd disks... giga thanks to loan soul of energetic and disaster zone for most of the games in this disk! great supply guys! this intro was coded in less than seven hours (including time with putting all together by matt)!!! Expect more intros from us in the future. we send our best wishes to following crews and persons: all other members of energetic (wild orchid,punisher,loan soul and dollar!), stax (hi matt! giga thanks for your cooperation! hope we will do some more in near future! superb menus lately,keep up the good work!), effect (hi blaze! mega thanks for your excellent logo! greets also to tronic - possible cooperation friend as well in near future?!), admirables (hello nirvana! keep up the supply!), gang pang (hi alex and voodoo child! our friends in good and bad!), gesox (forgotten pistolero!), golden dawn (hi incubi and rest! cool competion is always welcome to scene or what?! keep up the nice work!), animal mine (we think there is enough intros for another gsc disk! or are you giving up?), pure energy (very good menus and utility disks!), blues boys (come on lads! make some more stuff disks!), vectronix (best cracks around!), passwords (nice menus always!), beast from france (brilliant collections!), hemoroids (do some more speedpacks dudes!) and all other crews around world owning an atari and using it for the best! to contact us: write to effect pdl and leave message to pdl disk catalouge in adverts folder. dedicate article for energetic! thank you... now hit space for menu!


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