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Service Compil 25

by Energetic and STAX


Know something about this production that we don't?


Module disk 08 - Only the intro is featured here, not the whole release.

Original scrolltext:

Energetic compact disk number twenty five brought to you by - i.r.a. - the new member of energetic. this menu is not so excellent like those former menus done by epact but there is a good reason for it. i haven't been onto scene for many months really so i have to suck those boxes for a while before i get myself updated. anyway thanks to loan soul for sending me the stuff seen now on this very disk. i was also asked to thank matt of stax (correct?) for the vectronix intro. thanks pal. let's talk about little what is on this menu then?! first there is a quite nice new disk mag called fusion issue two. also all material that mag contained is included here ofcourse so none of the files should not be missing! then we have nice intro from legalise two demo done by guys from kuba. i suggest you to get hold of whole demo wich is conversion from errr... amiga. then finally i put there some intros from vectronix, federal noise and unfortunately i had to fill space with one old pulsion menu but for me it looks pretty cool after all these years. if there is space left i fill it with sum utils... well now... perhaps a quick list of members: punisher (leader,coder,hacker,trader,compiler) - epact (compiler,swapper and lucky bastard on vacation) - wild orchid (coder) - loan soul (trader) - dollar (grafix) - i.r.a. (compiler,trader) fast greetings to other members of energetic, stax, effect, admirables, fusion, golden dawn, animal mine, vectronix, pure energy, hemoroids, blues boys, gang pang, dead hackers society and all other still into business with best... credits: code by wild orchid and matt, grafix by blaze and sodan music by tyan and all other handling by i.r.a. giga thanks to tronic of effect for the new loader version... really preciate it ... you will be rewarded someway someday ... o.k. children time to go bed - wrap -

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