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PERSISTENCE OF VISION PACKED DEMO DISC 115. release date 18th may 1992. ALL CODE BY MAC SYS DATA WITH GRAFIX BY OZ AND MUSIC FROM KIDNEY BEAN DEMO (RIPPED BY MUG UK). yes p.o.v. have gone green and are re-cycling menus, can you guess which menu this was? no? if you haven't guessed then you ain't no p.o.v. fan so it's no use telling you! what do you think of the scroller being at the top? ok so it's harder to read but the picture lent itself to it. I suppose I could have knocked out the top border and put the rippling logo at the top, anyway it makes a change to have the scroller up here. i must send thanks to 'the monster beatle' for the galactic sentinels screen, no hard feeling about the slagging on disc 114 but I can only go on what people tell me. please excuse any typing errors in this text as the 'a' key is going on my ste. when it gets really bad i'll swap my 1/2 meg stfm keyboard with this one. if you're a POV fan and have all our discs then you'll have read who we are and what equipment we own. the list is now incorrect 'cause I've just bought a new printer. i sold my star lc 10 for 60 pounds and bought a brand new only just out star lc 24-20. the print quality is a lot better but so it should be as it is a 24 pin printer. i had loads of fun the other night altering all my software drivers to use it. i've not figured out all the options it's got but i will in time. i've made a printer driver for 'first word plus' so if you want it write to the usual po box. what's happened to all the demo writers on the st? once upon a time people were releasing demos every week but it seems people have given up on the st. i own an amiga and there are demos arriving all the time. never mind the megademos, get some small 1 or 2 screen demos written. i think the st is going down hill now as there is no decent support for the machine and people are waiting for the next 'st' to arrive. where have all the menu writing crews gone? i know quite a few illegal crews have split up but there only seems to be 2 or 3 people writing menus. i get requests for menu source code every week, my code must be used on 6 crews by now. if I can knock up a menu in a couple of hours why can't other people? once you've learnt assembly it's a piece of cake! if you want to learn assembly then buy st-user as they have a 'thick gits' guide to starting out in 68000. i recon i can get a person printing a logo on the screen in 1 hour. if you have started learning 68000 and have got stuck then write to me with your problem. if you want to do a mega screen with 4000 bobs, a tracker, full screen and a 16 colour bit scrapping scroller then don't bother 'cause it can't be done! (well it can but it won't run in 1 frame!). these vu rasters look crap don't they? tough! why is st-user magazine ignoring pd demos? in the latest edition there were no demos reviewed at all. as i said earlier there are very few being released but there are many compilations and quite a few new tracker players being released. if you are a fan of roggie of slaytanic cult fame then you'll be glad to hear that he has sent me some new mods. i'll pack them together with his ste player and put them on a future disc. there are no greetings on this disc so you can stop waiting for them. hey 'CHAOS', i'm gonna hack and pack your Pandemonium demo! mega slags to chaos and tufty, french kiss wasn't worth the bother packing it anyway. i noticed you gave ripped off lots of bottom licks, if you hadn't noticed they packed french piss before we did.... well that's all for another disc, i don't know when pov will be back but we will. if you don't hear from us for some time fear not, we are not giving up quite yet. you should see more of my work on other crew's discs as i am freely spreading my source code. oh well, see ya in the future... maybe! p.s. this is disc 69 revamped!!!