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Demo CD #111

by Ripped Off

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  • Karl - Code
  • Stick - Text, Other (Compilation, Packing)

Packed in:

The Screen Killers 1992

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mOdmate - 16:28 27 October 2018 #


Shit!! The bloody record's stuck!! And I can't be bothered to go and sort it out..... Anyway, a warm welcome to all you wacky funsters as Stick presents : Ripped-Off Demo CD 111 awaits you...... Release date: 13-10-1991 Hot tip: Place your monitor on it's side if you wanna read this wacky scroller! Crucial credits for todays delightful disk are: Fabulous full screen-with-wacky-rasters-and-(sends you)loopy-sample menu code: * * * K A R L * * * ( S.H.C ! ) Whattaheck hack & pack and The Copier coding: * * * H A N K * * * Ripped-Off logo: ST-Connexion Disk format, Rip-Info coding and compilation: Moi!! God give the record player a quick nudge will ya! Okay, No blarge as this scrollie is a little hard to read, but before the greets I'd like to send big hugs & kisses to: HANK ( for all the hard work he's put into hacking all these demos for us ). And to: KARL for knocking up this here menu....... Oh, yeah I'd also like to remind you that no matter what anybody else says about us, W E A R E T H E W O R S T ! Groovy greets go out to: DESIRE AND ACF (ALLIANCE), OBERJE' AND THE CAPED CRUSADER ( FINGERBOBS AND THE INNER CIRCLE ), GRIFF AND THE RESISTANCE, THE PHANTOM AND ALL ELECTRONIC IMAGES, RAVE (VILL MC), KARL, ROGGIE AND THE REST OF THE SLAYTANIC CULT, CHUCK AND FOXX, HANK, NEW MODE, SLIME, CHAOS INC AND QUESTLORD OF DELTA FORCE, (MANY THANKS GUYS! HA! WAIT UNTIL WE SEE YOU IN ENGLAND!!), BIG ALEC OF OFFBEAT, JAKE AT CALEDONIA PDL, STEIN AT STUG NORWAY, ZINE AND IKI AND TSB (ESC), CHRIS AND THE WATCHMEN, TERMINATION ( FM, ZELDA, Z68000, SIDEWINDER AND BABY FOZ ) DRACONIS AND THE REST OF SPICE OF LIFE, CIA AND GALTAN SIX, ZOKATHRA AND AENIGMATICA, RONNIE T, ZAE AND MIT AND NEXT, AUTOMATION (SPECIAL HI TO MOB), THE LORDS OF THE DISK, THE REPLICANTS, NIGHTHAWK AND MIKOU AT TCR (FRANCE), NINJA OF THE ENTERPRISE, THE TITANIC TARZAN (!!) IN ICELAND, ONIXUS AND EVERYBODY IN THE SYNDICATE, STALIN AND FLEXIBLE FRONT, VANTAGE AND KRAZY REX AT ST CONNEXION, CRAZE AND THE REST OF CHAOS ( MANCHESTER ), THE CAREBEARS ( THANKS FOR THE INVITE TO THE WHO CARES PARTY, BUT UNFORTUNATELY WE CAN'T MAKE IT... HAVE FUN ANYWAY! ), THE LOST BOYS, DOCNO, FULCRUM AND THE REST OF FUZION, CHARLIE AND NETWORK 21, DON (STEALTH BBS), THE BALD EAGLE, MAXIS DATA AND P.O.V. RICHARD KARSMAKERS, RIC AND NAOS, FURY OF LEGACY, GUDUL, TOM B, WAY ( FABBY ARTWORK! ), ODIE, DAL SNUFFS AND G-FORCE, STU THE MODULE MAN (AKA KUBIK!), WILF, WIZ, ALEX AT THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT, DRIZZT OTHER GREETS GO TO...... ALL OTHER INNER CIRCLE MEMBERS, THE OVERLANDERS, ULM, TEX, DMA, BLACK MONOLITH TEAM, THE CODERS (AND THE REST OF THE WEST GERMAN ALLIANCE), SYNC, BBC, AGGRESSION, ELECTRA, DOUBLE DUTCH CREW, IMPACT, PAULO SIMOES, GHOST, THE BLACK CATS, TVI, XENIX, PRONG PRODUCTIONS, THE EXCEPTIONS, MCA, SYNC, OMEGA, PIXEL TWINS, PENDRAGONS, ZEALOT, BRAINDROPS, SEWER SOFTWARE, THE CONSTELLATIONS, EMPIRE, THE REST OF THE UNION, ISLANDER, MAD VISION, Okay Funsters! Time to go.......... Bye for now! Stick * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * W E A R E T H E W O R S T ! Haven't you changed the bloody record yet?