by Sector 7

Features JCS' fullscreen picture Space Girls.



CDK Aug 1998

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noname - 22:41 13 January 2014 #

This demo is a two days production.

Some trivia for those who (accidently) make it to this page: It only happened since Sniper and Ray of Nuance plus myself spontaneously decided to attend the BSE party. Of course this was helped by the fact that the organizers managed to put up some quite nice prices - presumably sponsored somehow. Basically I just wanted to win that Amiga 1200 Magic in the compo. So yep, all for the lolly, and some beers ;)

Plus my trusty Amiga got blessed with a Boing Ball sticker by Petro Tyschtschenko while I was sleeping. First it annoyed me a bit, but now it is there for life!