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bonus - 11:19 22 December 2015 #

First shown indeed at 10 november 2013, but never released.

Demo release at STNICCC 2015

For STE/TT and Falcon, no normal ST version (sorry). The BEGEMEDF version is Falcon, the BEGEMEDT is for the (Mega)STE/TT machines. Enjoy !! Tips, bugs, or whatever are welcome, here on FB or see the mail address in the 1readme.txt file.

Tested on real hardware, clean machine. STE/TT version tested under Hatari and STeem. Hatari Falcon version has very weak sample voice :(

Why demo version, well there are a few things not in there yet like more music's, save high score screen and maybe even a few different play types like time, endless, puzzle... Maybe next STNICCC.

Alexander BoNuS de Vries

s_t_s - 15:19 23 December 2015 #

Wow, need to check that under Steem !