by Coma and Resource

Quote from the Resource homepage; "In our opinion our best work so far. We were quite disappointed that it only reached the 3rd place, but we have to admit there were other excellent demos released at The Party 1997. During the development of the demo, Oswald and Edhellon held regular meetings at the weekends, and during the week they exchanged ideas, and fresh codes with IRC. Without IRC, this demo wouldn't have been ready in time. :-) Oh, and in contrary to the Resource tradition, this demo was almost completed by the time we went to the party. Of course, some tweaking was needed at the party, like crunching some parts to make room for the hellraiser picture on the second side. By the way, this is also our only demo where squeezing everything into two discsides presented a major problem. :-)"

Eclipse and Taki/Natural Beat appeared as guest artists.


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