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Nordic Scene Review #8

Know something about this production that we don't?

Reviews the demos We ♥ Homeconnected by Laxity, Squaretro by Flood, The Awakening by Covenant, In Thorn by Sabat, Our First FLI Demo by Dual Crew, Eagle by ROLE, Cyber Dream by Atlantis, Fogyish by Arise and Samar Productions, Soy un Delincuente by Onslaught, 20 Years Is Nothing by Hack'n'Trade, Solaris by Triad, Too Hot To Trot by Arsenic, B-Land Scrapbook by Samar, Quadrangulus 80% by Dream, Fürsti by LüneArt, Call of the Past by Arsenic, Natura Morta by TRSI, Zeropage Gravity by TRSI, Summer of 64 by Offence, Live From Africa by Speedfisters, Vectrologic by Atlantic (not Atlantis, as written in the magazine), Tiki Pahu by Genesis Project, 50 Shades of Grey by Elyta, Facial Recognition by Commodore Is Awesome, Gammal Man by FAI*C, Halloween 2013 by Software of Sweden, Hell o Ween by Code7, The Walking Dead by JSL, Ninja by JSL, The Goar Special Edition by JSL, Alien Rabbit by JSL, Kazachski Piesek by Provocator, Loda Error by Elyta, Sabbat by Arkanix Labs, Live In Mokba by Panda Lovers,The Lahti Experience by Hackers, Splash by Hoaxers, Spaceout by Offence, GMSHC-VQ Test by Algorithm, Dunc Und Stink by Accession, Senpituinense by Dekadence, Roller Scroller by Defame & Onslaught, Monday Night by Extend, The First Ball by Fit, Wonderland XII by Censor Design and Scrollwars by Fairlight & Offence & Prosonix.


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