• Demo

Das Omen

by The German Chaotics

Know something about this production that we don't?


Packed in:

Homesoft 1996

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Dracon - 13:52 12 December 2018 #

One of these demos what was the finest oldschool ones and promote possibilities Atari 8-bit in good way.
Good digimusic paired with artful, moody gfx and animation makes this production still memorable after such years. :)

Dracon - 13:57 12 December 2018 #

Ahh... the demo's inspiration: https://youtu.be/qyD8dfyj_Jo

ltk_tscc - 18:48 12 December 2018 #

The track was a huge hit over here in Germany in 1989. Unfortunatly two of the band members of Mysterious Art already passed away.