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Fasttracker 2

by Triton

  • Released November 1994
  • MS-Dos

Know something about this production that we don't?

Originally released in late-1994, FT2 quickly became one of the most prevalent trackers on the PC. It introduced the XM file format, a new interface paradigm (mouse centered operation, overlapping feature windows), "instruments" (a stack of up to 16 samples, mappable on different notes, combined with 12-point volume and panning envelopes), support for "unlimited" sample size (4 GByte), a second column for volume/panning effects and variable pattern lengths. A bonus game of snake (nibbles) was one of its more unusual features. The final update (v2.09) appeared in August 1998[1].

Although the program was seemingly free and devoid of "nag screens", it was actually published as shareware. Users who paid for a 20 USD license were listed in the help section.

([1] first leaked, then officially released by Starbreeze Studios, the Game company founded by Triton members. This last version is reported to not work properly on GUS soundcards.)


  • KB - Code (additional; Interwave driver)
  • Mr. H - Code
  • Vogue - Code

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