Also known as

  • OOTO
  • Out Of The Ordinary

Location: Norway Edit location

Imphobia 9 (february 1995) reported Out of the Ordinary left Avalanche for Darkzone.

Member of


Arakis BBS - Code (as OOTO)
MS-Dos - 4K Intro, BBStro
DarkZone Nov 1996
So Cool - Code (as OOTO)
MS-Dos - 4K Intro
DarkZone Jul 1995
Amiga-Font Simulator V2.01a - Code (as Out Of The Ordinary)
MS-Dos - Tool
Out Of The Ordinary Jun 1994
Rebel Planet BBS - Code, Graphics (as Out Of The Ordinary)
MS-Dos - 32K Intro, BBStro
Avalanche Feb 1994
Harvest Moon BBS (1) - Code (as Out Of The Ordinary)
MS-Dos - 8K Intro, BBStro
Avalanche 1994

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