Also known as

  • Daffy Duck

Location: Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom Edit location

Beast was sysop of the Amiga/console bbs Arcadia (source: globbs1.txt). It was listed in the U.K. TRADER LIST 02-April-93, listed at 3 nodes, running for Quartex. It ran for The Humble Guys in july of 1993 (4 nodes), and for Anthrox console between august and september 1993.

He was originally in Dual Crew with his BBS, but soon joined Quartex for 2 years where he also supplied originals for cracking. He left for Anthrox where he supplied under the nickname B.H.S (for Beast, Hydro and Sprog) but after less than 6 months moved to Paradox to supply. He was with Paradox when his BBS became the 2nd BBS (after Treasure Island, Executioner's BBS) to be raided by the UK police.

He later returned to the scene under a new handle (Daffy Duck) running a new group, Tension.


Space Hulk - Other (Supplier)
Amiga OCS/ECS - Cracktro
Anthrox 1993

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