Also known as

  • MeteoriK

Real name: Giles Constant

Location: United Kingdom Edit location

Meaty was known for his hilarious demoscene quiz games at parties such as Sundown and Revision, as well as for moderating the compo studios on AssemblyTV.
The name of The Meteoriks awards stems from his full handle, MeteoriK.

On October 4th, 2012 it was announced in a thread at that Meaty had died.

A tribute page to Meaty is online at

T-101 dedicated the song Sonnet for Meaty


Small Matters Of The Heart - Code (synth) (as MeteoriK)
Windows - 64K Intro
Approximate Apr 2015
Gaia Machina - Code (Synth)
Windows - 64K Intro
Approximate Apr 2012
Meaty / Approximate Apr 2012
Ephemera - Other (Synth), Music
Linux, Windows - 64K Intro
Approximate Sep 2009
Enigma Sequence - Code (Synth), Music
Windows - 64K Intro
Approximate Apr 2009
About (Fucking) Time - Code (Synth), Music
Linux - 64K Intro
Approximate Sep 2008
MeteoriK / Approximate Oct 2006
Tracked Music
MeteoriK Apr 2006
Linux - Demo
MeteoriK Sep 2005

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