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Location: Ystads Kommun, Skåne, Sweden Edit location

Manta was an ascii artist and sysop of the Amiga bbs Forbidden Dreams in the 0411 area code (Ystad). He ran it for Hardcore Design in december 1993 according to Tequila Charts 2.

Inside Digital Dream he wrote that he was doing ascii since august 1993.

He left Destruction for Hardcore Design in 1993, but moved on to Alcatrash some time between october and november.



Instrument of Death - Graphics (twisted logo #1)
ASCII Collection
Tango / Twisted Apr 1997
Chilli Sauce Part 1 - Graphics (ASCII (Guest))
Amiga OCS/ECS - ASCII Collection
Count Zero / Whale Aug 1995
Digital Dream - Graphics (main ascii)
ASCII Collection
Manta / Artcore Jul 1995

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