Also known as

  • Data Disrupter
  • Ruptuh

Location: Portugal

Organiser of

Productions (6)

Windows - Demo
Accession only! and The Magnificent International Association Of Extremely Retarded Idiots Corp. GmbH ry and inérciaProductions Aug 2005
Data Disrupter Jul 2002
Sin (x) - Graphics (as Ruptuh)
MS-Dos - 64K Intro
Dawn3 Apr 1998
Abbey Road - Graphics (as Ruptuh)
MS-Dos - Demo
Dawn3 Dec 1997
The Phascinating Nature of Cat - Graphics (as Data Disrupter)
MS-Dos - 64K Intro
Dawn3 Dec 1997
Simple - Graphics (as Data Disrupter)
MS-Dos - Demo
Darkness Unknown Force Oct 1996

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