Mr Styckx

Also known as

  • Mr. Styckx

Real name: Nicolas Pomarède

Location: France Edit location


Member of


Atari ST/E - 64K Intro
Dead Hackers Society and Mr Styckx and SMFX Nov 2020
Hatari 2.2 Intro - Code (as Mr. Styckx)
Atari ST/E - Intro
Mr Styckx Jan 2019
Hatari 2.1 Intro - Code (as Mr. Styckx)
Atari ST/E - Intro
Mr. Styckx Feb 2018
Atari ST/E - 32K Intro
Mr Styckx Sep 2015
Ultimate Muzak Demo 8730 - Other (Music Ripping)
Atari ST/E - Musicdisk
Psycho Hacking Force Dec 2000
The B.I.G. Demo (Amiga Port) - Code (Amiga Port)
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Mr Styckx and The Exceptions Aug 1997
No Cooper - Code (Digital department), Code (Protection)
Atari ST/E - Demo, Pack
1984 Sep 1992

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