Modulo One

Also known as

  • Dj Knatten
  • Knatten
  • PAcMan
  • Waldemar Doppelzimmer

Real name: Anders Schau Knatten

Location: Norway

Member of

Productions (8)

Streaming Music
Modulo One Jul 2020
macOS - Streaming Music
Bitbear and Modulo One Jul 2016
Streaming Music
Waldemar Doppelzimmer Nov 2014
Pigstagram - Music
Windows - Demo
Boozoholics and Darklite and Fulle Nordmenn i Utlandet and Pynt og Tant and Royal Belgian Beer Squadron and Stiff Nipples and Valium! Design Nov 2013
Streaming Music
Knatten Jul 2006
Bellybutton Groove - Music (as Knatten)
Windows - Demo
Dot Dot Apr 2000
Dj Knatten Apr 2000
MS-Dos - Tracked Music
PAcMan and PoC / Dupe Sep 1998

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