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Mac OS X - 64K Intro
JackPearse / Drehwerk Aug 2018
Kiss my Ass, Early Bird - Music, Graphics (Animation)
JackPearse and Midget / Drehwerk Aug 2017
Lifedraw - Other (Cam / content videoproduction)
PICO-8 - Tool
Nodepond / Level 90 Dec 2016
Masters of Illusion (Demos and Shaders and Polys and Beer) - Text (Hint: Please download the file on soundcloud. The partyversion was mastered with a headphone at the party and sounds ugly!)
Streaming Music
JackPearse and Mimi Morelle / Digitac Aug 2016
JackPearse and Jam-S / Digitac Aug 2015
Streaming Music
JackPearse / Digitac Aug 2014
Hello World - Code
Windows - 64K Intro
Node3000 Aug 2007
Windows - 64K Intro
JackPearse Aug 2007

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