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Organiser of


The Case of Killer Prod - Code (Shadertoy FX)
Invitation, Video
HUGE LOAD Apr 2020
Quartz - Code, Graphics (visuals)
Windows - 8K Intro
Aberration Creations Aug 2019
AceMan and Argasek and Fei and Jakim and Patu Dec 2018
Windows - 16K Intro
Aberration Creations Sep 2018
Digiverse - Code
Windows - 16K Intro
Aberration Creations and Eclectique Jun 2018
Station Event - Code
Browser - Intro
Patu Jan 2018
Power Packed Alliance - Graphics (Tunnels)
AceMan and Argasek and Grogon and Groovebox and Patu and V0yager and XTD Jun 2017
Windows - 8K Intro
Jammer and Patu Jun 2017
Phobos - Code
Windows - 8K Intro
Patu and SuperNoise / Aberration Creations Apr 2017
Planet 7120 - Code
Windows - 8K Intro
Decree and Futuris Sep 2016
Living Structure - Graphics, Code
Windows - 64K Intro
Aberration Creations and Decree May 2016
ABR - Graphics, Code
Javascript - Demo
Mr. Quiet and Patu / Decree Sep 2015
We want the next Decrunch! - Code, Graphics
Javascript - Demo
Argasek and Patu / Decree May 2015

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