Alc'o Hole

Also known as

  • Alc O'Hole

Real name: Jens Gonska

Location: Germany Edit location


Tracked Music
Alc O'Hole and Emax / Panic
Racer 2 - Music
Atari Falcon - Game
Dune Dec 2014
The Stygian Abyss BBS (1) - Graphics, Code (Player), Music (as Alc O'Hole)
MS-Dos - 16K Intro, BBStro
Buddha 1995
Chaos A.D. BBS (1) - Code (Player), Graphics (as Alc O'Hole)
MS-Dos - 32K Intro, BBStro
Crystal Phasematic 1994
Tracked Music
Alc'o Hole / Smash Designs Dec 1993
Time Zone - Music (as Alc O'Hole)
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Tristar & Red Sector Inc. Aug 1992
Tracked Music
Alc O'Hole 1992

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