Also known as

  • Lynn Drumm

Location: Netherlands Edit location

Formerly active as Knoeki.


Annie-84 - Code
Windows - Demo
Psychographics May 2020
Tracked Music
Lynn Drumm Nov 2019
Tracked Music
Bathroom Key and Lynn Drumm and TERROR TODDLER Jun 2019
Iodine-131 - Code
Windows - Demo
Psychographics Apr 2019
Tracked Music
Lynn Drumm / Cartoon Horse Demo Force ^ Digital Sounds System ^ Feline Frequencies ^ Furry Trash Group ^ Poo-Brain ^ Psychographics ^ Queer Conspiracy Apr 2019
Tracked Music
Alpha C and Lynn Drumm May 2018
Streaming Music
Lynn Drumm May 2018
Tracked Music
Lynn Drumm and TERROR TODDLER May 2018
In Stereo - Graphics
MSX - Demo
Digital Sounds System Mar 2018

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