Also known as

  • Miztlr3n
  • Miztluren

Real name: Daniel

Location: Sweden Edit location

Zonk was an organizer at Edison 2013 in june.


Tracked Music
Malmen and Zonk Feb 2012
Tracked Music
Miztluren Dec 2010
Plupp - Music (as Miztluren)
Windows - Demo
Replay and Syntax Terror Jul 2010
Tracked Music
Fegolhuzz and Miztluren Jun 2008
MS-Dos - Demo
Miztluren / Syntax Terror Apr 2000
Tracked Music
Miztluren / Syntax Error Apr 2000
MS-Dos - Demo
Miztluren / Syntax Terror Apr 1999
Miztlr3n Oct 1998
Tracked Music
Miztluren Oct 1998

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