Also known as

  • Michael Nogouchi

Real name: Mikael Noguchi

Location: Norway Edit location

In addition to his Mobygames profile above, he is also listed under another profile carrying the name Michael (the international spelling of the name Mikael) Noguchi for his credit on the game Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) .

Following his demoscene endeavours from 1992 until 1996, Absurd has enjoyed a succesfull career as a graphic artist in the game industry. He began at Funcom in 1994 working on the games Nightmare Circus (1995), Disney's Pocahontas (1996) and Casper (1996) before moving on to Innerloop Studios in 1997 where he worked on Joint Strike Fighter - JSF (1997) and Project IGI: I'm Going In (2000). He's been employed at ArtPlant since 2001, where he has worked on Kaptein Sabeltann (2004) and Time to Ride: Saddles & Stables (2005).


Drugs And Alkahol (D.N.A.) - Graphics (converted amiga pictures)
Commodore 64 - Demo
Lasser Aug 2003
Gosh - Noname 2 - Graphics (main)
Amiga AGA - Chip Music Pack
Scoopex Oct 1997
Ninja II - Graphics (as Michael Nogouchi)
MS-Dos - Demo
Melon Dezign and Scoop Apr 1996
Absurd Jan 1996
No Name - Graphics
Amiga AGA - Chip Music Pack
Scoopex Jul 1995
Alien - Graphics
Amiga AGA - Demo
Scoopex Jun 1995
Vidar! - Graphics
Amiga AGA - 40k Intro
Stone Arts Dec 1994
Absurd / Stone Arts Dec 1994
SAC - Graphics
Amiga OCS/ECS - Intro
Scoopex Jul 1994
Chillin Arabians - Graphics
Amiga OCS/ECS - Intro
Scoopex Jun 1994
Absurd / Scoopex Apr 1994

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