Things you people are doing WRONG. :)

menace - 05:04 4 February 2014 #

Shinobi: Done.

ipggi - 04:05 7 February 2014 #

dipswitch: I am pretty sure Mr Mister from Affinity wasn't the same person as the one from RAD. Affinity MrM was Canadian and was probably too young during the RAD days. Unfortunately I really don't have any information on other Affinity personal as it was almost 2 decades ago now.

dipswitch - 13:37 7 February 2014 #

thanks for that info! splitted the profiles.

Shinobi - 13:49 11 February 2014 #

menace: thanks!

Asle - 14:10 13 January 2018 #

@100bit, please read this : https://demozoo.org/forums/post/34/#post-34

Dynamika - 17:02 7 March 2018 #

I found the question "dipswitch - 01:30 30 December 2013 #
mayday, what type of product is this? http://demozoo.org/productions/96636/"
(bit old but question should never be left without answer)

and it seems it is a song - made on Amiga 1200 in Protracker, then converted to streaming. Probably not released on a compo, just released as a song. Then I set it to amiga song. Info supposed, basing on youtube video. Can u fix it as a song?

dipswitch - 18:11 26 May 2018 #

thx, but why even add this as it's not a proper release?

velusip - 09:31 4 June 2020 #

Is there a way to include multple artists with multple groups in the "by" field?

e.g. artist1/group1^group2 + artist2/group3^group4

artist2 and all their groups end up clobbering as if they were all groups of artist1. Perhaps I shouldn't be including this information in this way?

Saga_Musix - 11:06 4 June 2020 #

It's a known issue and no, there is currently no way to express that. From my point of view, it makes little sense to attach every single group affiliation of those two (or more) sceners to every prod they release. For example, just because I am in Nuance, SVatG and a few other groups and Bacter is in Speckdrumm and some other groups doesn't imply at all that everything we release together is an official group release for this handful of groups. Having this long list of groups attached to a music or graphic entry just looks like visual spam to me.

velusip - 11:35 4 June 2020 #

True. I don't think it's important to track this information, but just wondered if I was missing something.

I got into the habit of including group there since it makes sense to track groups per release than per scener since the circumstances of a release can't change, but the circumstances of a scener can.

trick_layer - 05:58 22 June 2020 #

Is there a way to link to a Youtube upload of a certain demo I.E. a crack intro? Would I just use the links section to add a link to an upload?

sensenstahl - 17:11 22 June 2020 #

yes, just add the yt url as extra link (not download!). it will then be playable in the screenshot window right on the prod page :)

aZtOcKdOg - 23:57 5 July 2020 #

Hey is there a way to ‘remove’ screenshots and info files? Thx

Saga_Musix - 21:27 11 July 2020 #

You can request them to be deleted via this thread: https://demozoo.org/forums/3/

velusip - 03:19 13 December 2020 #

Is there a conventional method for listing a cancelled demo event? Example case of Enlight 1997: https://demozoo.org/parties/270/ where day two was cancelled; would it be okay if I placed the music submissions under "Digital Music Compo (CANCELLED)" and list them all as unraked?

Saga_Musix - 20:53 14 December 2020 #

I think there is no specific way to do this, so doing what you suggested and many editing the general note saying *what* on day 2 was cancelled should be fine, I think.

YQN - 00:56 9 January 2021 #

There are so many things I'm doing wrong a whole other Internet would be necessary to host the list.

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