Things you people are doing WRONG. :)

menace - 05:04 4 February 2014 #

Shinobi: Done.

ipggi - 04:05 7 February 2014 #

dipswitch: I am pretty sure Mr Mister from Affinity wasn't the same person as the one from RAD. Affinity MrM was Canadian and was probably too young during the RAD days. Unfortunately I really don't have any information on other Affinity personal as it was almost 2 decades ago now.

dipswitch - 13:37 7 February 2014 #

thanks for that info! splitted the profiles.

Shinobi - 13:49 11 February 2014 #

menace: thanks!

Asle - 14:10 13 January 2018 #

@100bit, please read this : https://demozoo.org/forums/post/34/#post-34

Creonix - 17:02 7 March 2018 #

I found the question "dipswitch - 01:30 30 December 2013 #
mayday, what type of product is this? http://demozoo.org/productions/96636/"
(bit old but question should never be left without answer)

and it seems it is a song - made on Amiga 1200 in Protracker, then converted to streaming. Probably not released on a compo, just released as a song. Then I set it to amiga song. Info supposed, basing on youtube video. Can u fix it as a song?

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