Terminator/Alien video breakpoint ?

Skybuck - 08:24 21 October 2019 #


I think I once saw a video for invitation to breakpoint.

The video contained images of terminator and aliens/ripley.

The music was this classic music piece that slowly transitioned into modern synthesizer and it had an eery feel but very cool.

I think it was for breakpoint, the video's title/filename was something like bp2000 or something or bp?

It was roughly 200 megabytes or something, which was large at the time, or maybe it was 2 gb can't really remember but I had to delete it.

But I would like to re-download it because it was very awesome.

It contained all kinds of graphics/pictures from all kinds of iconic movies and such.

Like a time travel through the history of movie events and such.

Anybody know what I writing about ???

xstatique - 21:26 14 November 2019 #

I believe that you're talking about Global Trash 2.


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