Terminator/Alien video breakpoint ?

Skybuck - 08:24 21 October 2019 #


I think I once saw a video for invitation to breakpoint.

The video contained images of terminator and aliens/ripley.

The music was this classic music piece that slowly transitioned into modern synthesizer and it had an eery feel but very cool.

I think it was for breakpoint, the video's title/filename was something like bp2000 or something or bp?

It was roughly 200 megabytes or something, which was large at the time, or maybe it was 2 gb can't really remember but I had to delete it.

But I would like to re-download it because it was very awesome.

It contained all kinds of graphics/pictures from all kinds of iconic movies and such.

Like a time travel through the history of movie events and such.

Anybody know what I writing about ???

xstatique - 21:26 14 November 2019 #

I believe that you're talking about Global Trash 2.


Skybuck - 06:08 10 February 2023 #

Thank you for responding !

Nope this is not it.

What I saw was 10x to 100x more cool.

The style is somewhat similiar, but slower, and better transitions. Also more shocking more emotional as it transitions through the times, from aliens to terminator to ripley etc... hitting the nerves really well because it's so recgonizeable.

It's really worth it trying to recover it... I hope somebody can find and re-upload it... some day...

Skybuck - 06:10 10 February 2023 #

The music is also slower... the best representation of it is like the predator hunting grounds menu music... and then it transforms into terminator or aliens or something... that kinda vibe/awesomeness and sawtooth like music, but the music style itself also changes I believe from those movies to C64 like sound and perhaps back again... probably one of the most amazing scene productions/video productions I have seen ! =D Surely it is out there somewhere ?! =D

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