Very Strange Warez

(PC/Warez) - VSW

Very Strange Warez was a pc courier group, seemingly formed and based in Belgium.

A february 1993 nfo listed X-Bow (president, founder, sysop, elite courier), Dark Inventor (vice president, sysop, elite courier), B0B0 (public Relations, elite courier), Fat Pat (courier supervisor and coordinator, elite courier), Ynos (internet), Parasite X (music, graphics), FastJack (coder), Night Browser (coder), ViX (ansi), Coroner (sysop), Dead Goon (sysop), Paradox (sysop), Thunder Droid (sysop), Uli (sysop), Ruskin (sysop), FreeJack (sysop), Betus (international courier), Dizzy (international courier), The Ripper (international courier), BitBrain (international courier), The Sandman (international courier), Gameboy (international courier), Crimelord (international courier), Lolo (international courier), Rex Nebular (international courier), How Gee (international courier), Kilrathi (international courier), Frenchie (international courier), Nazdar (international courier), Nosferatu (international courier), Ralphy (international courier), Tigerclaw (international courier) and Tritel (international courier) as members at that time.

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