Aces of Ansi Art


Aces of ANSi Art was an alliance of artists who specialized in one thing: ANSI. Although their specific date of birth is not known, it is approximated to have been some time late in the year of 1989... Aces existed in one form or another from 1989 - 1991. Formed by two people, Zyphril and Chips Ahoy of San Jose, California, Aces of ANSi Art ("A.A.A") was indisputably the first underground or "elite" ANSI group, and possibly the first organization of ANSI artists ever assembled. Their motives for the creation of this group were simple: "put out some cool artwork", "help out sysops" and get name-brand recognition. Strength in numbers was realized. In September of 1990, several key players from the group left to form one of their own. This dealt a devastating blow to Aces and for several months after it was unclear whether or not the group had seen it's last days. Something happened; a local artist by the name of Mondoman came aboard, releasing a fury of ANSIs and arguably some of the best ANSI animations seen in . New life was breathed into the group, attracting others once more.
RaD Man

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