Avantgarde was a German-based c64 cracking group. There is no reason to believe this group had any connection to the Amiga group of the same name, despite their contemporary existence.

Swiss coder Dave and Englishman Richie left the scene around the middle of 1994. A big setback for the group came in september, when american fixer and sysop of their whq bbs The Forum, Pudwerx, finally decided to leave the scene to concentrate on his real-life job. This left the group without both a fixer and a us board, though they were hopeful that Prodigy's bbs Terminal Obsession would be up again soon. Their musician Iron Cat also rejoined the group this month, after finishing his army duty, while Pbxcellent left the group.

Coder Druid joined as a doublemember from Agony Design around september 1995, establishing a Polish section. He was joined by original supplier Trimone. Decilon left both the group and the scene. Renegade joined from Excess around september. Weasel joined Pandora as his second group.

German cracker Thorn left for Remember in july of 1998.

Organiser of


Commodore 64 - Demo
Avantgarde Nov 1995
Paper - Papermag
Avantgarde 1995
Paper - Papermag
Avantgarde 1995
Commodore 64 - Tool
Avantgarde 1994

Member productions

Commodore 64 - Graphics
Cupid / Avantgarde Apr 1996
Commodore 64 - Music
Metal / Avantgarde ^ Camelot ^ Vibrants Jan 1996
Commodore 64 - Music
Nastiness Inc. / Avantgarde ^ Entropy Nov 1994
Commodore 64 - Graphics
Tricom / Avantgarde Nov 1994
Tracked Music
Sonic / Avantgarde Oct 1994

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