Relentlessly Pursuing Magnificence


Also known as

  • RPM Graphics
  • Relentless Pursuit of Magnificence - RPM

From The SCD Report 10 (september 1991); "It started out in the begining as a relatively small, VGA only group which went by the name of DA, which stood for Dark Alliance. Next DA merged with an ANSi group by the name of NeXX, and so DA/NeXX was born into existance, a VGA and ANSi art group. Another merger took place with a Canadian group called DDK, Disciples of the Dark Knight. The name was basically getting to long here so they made the switch to the name of ViP, Vicious Image Productions, which suggested by The GEcko. This name was VERY short lived, due mainly to the fact that it was already taken by a group in British Columbia, Victorian Independent Pirates. And thus RPM, Relentless Pursuit of Magnificence was created." The article further listed Honus Wagner (president), KiSaNtH (vice president Canada), Con Artist (vice president USA), The GEcko (courier master), Robotics Man, DiCE (artist recruiters), Navajo, Captain Tom, Psychostick, Zandus, Darkman, Ryec, Obleisk, TANK, SpazZ and Flying Frenchman as members.

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