Pandora was a Danish C64 demo group. They are likely the same group that was active on the pc appz scene around the mid 2000's, judging by statements made in their nfo's.

Brutal Recall 1 (march 1991) reported, "A new group called Pandora is formed by ex-Paramounters!"

The Pulse 2 (august 1993) announced its creators Dr. Zivago and Duke had joined the group, along with Idol/Dominators (who promptly joined the staff of said magazine). The Pulse 3 in september announced the joining of two new members, graphician Sun Dancer from The System (who contributed heavily to the issue) and swapper KBS from Nerds.

Productions (5)

Commodore 64 - Diskmag
Pandora Oct 1993
Commodore 64 - Diskmag
Pandora Sep 1993
Commodore 64 - Diskmag
Pandora Aug 1993
Commodore 64 - Cracktro
Pandora May 1992
Commodore 64 - Cracktro
Pandora Jul 1991

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