Splash was a completely German demo group, formed around 1988 by the two Germans Treble (code) and Bass (gfx music). Those two were responsible for the first intro alone. Late in 1988, two more members joined; Hijack (code gfx swap) and Cleric (gfx music). These four then created the group's second production, Uffse. They remained the entire group until 1990.

Three more members joined in 1990, but their handles are a little uncertain. They were Danny (code), Barock (code) and n/a (music) ;) Another Intro was released at the Action Autumn Conference in october.

The group was further reinforced in the early months of 1991, when Alpha (code) joined. Hijack coarranged the Rosebud Extravaganza Party 1991 in november, where the group released their first proper demo, the "Splash-Trackmo". Towards the end of the year, Bass and Barock decided to leave Splash to create the subgroup "No Soul Produkktions" under The Silents. After this, Treble became inactive and left the scene.

Cleric and Hijack tried to keep the group alive in 1992, but most of the other members were non-motivated and lazy, so they eventually decided to kill the group. Cleric and Hijack (Kristof Berger) formed the new group Kack, and renamed themselves into Suck and Fuck, respectively.

Productions (5)

Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Splash Feb 1992
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Splash Oct 1991
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Splash Jul 1991
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Splash Feb 1991
Amiga OCS/ECS - Intro
Splash Oct 1990

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