Logic Design

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Logic Design was a primarily Dutch demogroup, formed in November of 1993 by Rogue, Flash and Balance. Their first production was the promotion intro for their bbs The Lunatic Asylum at the end of march 1994. Dutch graphician Pedo joined the group in april, and contributed to their first proper demo Prologue at Bizarre in may. A preview of the demo competed at the party, and a final version was released in august.

In 1995, Jace, Jenkins, Danny, Lowlife, Unique and Rodney joined. Pedo left.

Productions (5)

MS-Dos - Demo
Logic Design Apr 1996
MS-Dos - Demo
Logic Design Sep 1995
MS-Dos - 100K Intro
Logic Design Apr 1995
MS-Dos - Demo
Logic Design May 1994
MS-Dos - BBStro
Logic Design Mar 1994

Member productions (2)

Tracked Music
Crystal Score / Logic Design Apr 1996
Danny / Logic Design ^ Nah Kolor Dec 1995

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