Numbers were active on PC, Amiga, Consoles and Mac.

Memberlist and BBS affils reconstructed from NUMBERS.NFO included in num3do07.lzh.

In the NFO above, they define themselves as following:
"As some of you have noticed, we are a relatively different group. We specialize in PIRATE CD's, but we also release a ware here and there. The NUMbers Console Division has been making a few new friends. These promising individuals have seen our vision and will be borrowing games from their evil employers for us to copy. Our NUMbers CD ROM division has a goal; that goal is to be THE first place YOU call for a PIRATE CD! We have an extensive selection of the finest pirate cd's available on the black market today! If it's on cd then NUMbers sells it. It's that simple."


Nintendo SNES/Super FamiCom - Intro

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