(pc/warez) - CLB

Celebre was a pc cracking group, active at least in 1996 and 1997.

Their may 1997 release of Axelerator (no cracktro) came with an nfo that listed Abrasax, Analog Kid, Axhate, BlackMagic, Black Panther, Brain Surgeon, Clubber, Cyber Dog, DarkStar, Deature, Elric, Elvin Nox, Fatalman, Hoziris, Hurricane, Iggy, Iron Helix, James West, Junior Mafia, Kafka, Master of Illusions, Merlin, MrBlazer & Yumyum, Mr Brain, Mr Morris, Mr Saint, Obscenity, Ones Wally, Rotox, Sir Jinx, SkizoWalker, Slain, Snuskis, Solar, Sony, Stealth, Stingray, Stoney, Sublime, The Maverick, Undertaker, Updike, Wayne Kerr, Vile, Wayward, Westbam and Yako as members at that time.


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